Report: BMW considering BMW i4, i5 models

BMW has just recently unveiled the first efforts of the ā€œiā€ sub-brand by showcasing the i8 hybrid sports car and the i3 city car. But word has it that BMW may already be planning on expanding the lineup with two new models: an i4 and an i5.

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According to an insider on a well-connected enthusiast forum and website, BMW is supposedly pondering about an i4 model that will be based on the i3, but will be a sportier version with just two seats and either a plug-in electric or range-extended electric power and drivetrain. The idea of the i4 is to allow those who want the i8 a little more accessible by making a baby version of the i8.

The other side of the rumor is the i5. Considering the usual numerical nomenclature of BMWs, you can guess that means a 5-Series sized BMW i-Car. It would most likely feature some coupe-like design cues from the i8 and other designs like the Gran Coupe four-door coupe Mercedes-Benz CLS-imitation.

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However, it should be noted that the i4 and i5 rumors are the most far-fetched rumors. Another hint is also riding around that BMW may be working on an extended wheelbase version of the i3 and a convertible version of the i8. According to the hint, these two new variants are the most likely.

Truth be told though, only time will tell when BMW announces to the public with some more news of the aforementioned rumored cars.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMWBlog