Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1

Rowan Atkinson - The Stig

Famous television and movie star Rowan Atkinson is recovering in the hospital after an accident with his McLaren F1 supercar occurred earlier this week. The 56-year-old actor walked away from the ditched F1 while a passing motorist looked after him after crash.

Atkinson was then taken to Peterborough District Hospital in Cambridgeshire where was treated for a minor shoulder injury. This event comes off as a little ironic since the actor just appeared on an episode of the most recent season of Top Gear UK for the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment.

“People would assume that in the reasonably priced car I will be very good when there’s absolutely no guarantee of that whatsoever,” said Atkinson during his segment after completing the challenge and being the fastest actor around the Top Gear track.

Mr. Atkinson is expected to be released from the hospital some time today as we speak.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Telegraph