Richard Hammond fed up with being ‘the cute little man’ on Top Gear

One of the many aspects that make Top Gear UK so entertaining is the chemistry between the three hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Hammond however has been expressing some discontent saying that he’s becoming a little upset with his role within the show.

Word is that Hammond complained to the BBC bosses by telling them that he feels like all he is known as is “the cute little man who had a crash,” and has been asking the producers at the BBC to do something about it.

“Richard is not happy. He feels he has been left behind a bit and doesn’t have a defined identity on the show. Everyone knows Jeremy is the grumpy old man and James May is the old lady who drinks real ale and is a bit of a Sunday driver,” said a Top Gear insider. “But Richard reckons the only thing he is known for is the high-speed crash he had on the show which nearly killed him. He has put his life at risk for the show lots of times and feels it’s a bit unfair that he isn’t a bigger part.”

Does this mean that Hammond may walk off the set of Top Gear? Not exactly, but it’s never good news to hear when someone of such stature is upset with where they are. Let us hope that the BBC will be doing something to keep Hammond on the set. And as for Mr. Hammond, if you happen read this, we’re here to support you man!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: DailyMail