Bugatti targeting up to 1,500 units of Galibier sedan annually

Not too long ago, we provided some insight to a new Bugatti model that could be taking shape to follow in the epic Veyron’s footsteps or er…skid marks…or er…tire tracks.

But now, we’ve received some word from Bugatti’s President Wolfgang Dürheimer and he says that the 2013 Galibier super sedan will be launched for sure in late 2012.

Just like the Veyron that the Galibier seeks to replace, the new model will feature a sixteen-cylinder engine that will produce around 789-hp to around 986-hp. Bugatti plans on selling about 1,000 to 1,500 units.

Pricing has yet to be announced but we could guess that the price would hover somewhere around the $1,440,000 mark as hinted by Mr. Dürheimer.

Refresher: The Bugatti 16 C Galibier was one of the several concepts which the company is considering for a future model. Power comes from a 8.0L 16-cylinder engine that features two-stage supercharging. The engine is flex-fuel compatible, meaning it can run on ethanol. The Bugatti Galibier rides on a four-wheel-drive system and features ceramic brakes and a new suspension design that enables “agile, always-sure handling of a saloon of this size.”

Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept:


– By: Chris Chin

Source: Auto Motor und Sport (via WCF)