Mercedes-Benz expanding range of apps for the COMAND Online

2011 Mercedes-Benz M-Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz’s 1993 S-Class marked a revolution in automotive technology with the industry’s first fully integrated telematics system called the CNS installed in the vehicle. Three years later a voice control system that still sets the standard was released called Linguatronic. Later, in 2002, the first 16:9 color tv ws released, with Internet-access to closely follow the next year.

Command is the current technology Benz in working with, which is an Online multimedia system that is now offering an even wider selection of applications for a more diverse audience of app users.

The upgraded system will be available as of autumn 2011 with many more apps available, and more planned for future release.

More future plans include more personalization abilities, and even 3-D displays, which should cut down on driver distraction. Full voice control is also an avenue being explored, along with the possibility of hand movement interaction.

Applications will be able to be manipulated via pre-configuration options through a computer or handheld device.

Some notable apps that will now be available include Google and Facebook. Managing a music collection will be easier also thanks to some new options and a 10GB sized memory. European versions of Comand will have Speed Limit Assist, which collects traffic information for the driver.

Vehicles that will be including the Comand system in production are the C-Class, E-Class, SLK, and the CLS. The M-Class and B-Class are offering Internet for the first time.

– By: Alexandra Koken