Video: Here is the scariest lap of the Nurburgring you’ll ever see

Andreas Gülden Laps Nurburgring on wet track

Ever here of a man named? Andreas Gülden. Well, we hadn’t until we did some research. Andreas Gülden works at the Nurburgring and is a chief instructor at the Nurburgring Driving Academy. That basically means that Gülden, unlike any other driver on the Nurburgring, knows the course like the back of his hand is probably the best guy to give your car to return outstanding lap times.

Gülden recently hopped into a Formula Supercar with a camera fixed on top. Not that special right? Well, he took lap of the Nordschleife on a soaking wet day.

Hit the jump for the amazing video.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Jalopnik