Ken Block to release Gymkhana FOUR this summer

Ken Block - Gymkhana FOUR

Ken Block and DC announced today that production on Gymkhana FOUR has begun and fans can expect all of the driving precision, speed, and tire smoke that Ken has become known on a worldwide scale for to be taken to a whole new level with

Gymkhana FOUR will be released later this summer.

To build buzz around Ken Block‘s upcoming release, DC has launched a Gymkhana FOUR web page today at: If you’re a fan, then you can check the website for exclusive photos and news leading up to the release of Gymkhana FOUR.

“I’m unbelievably stoked about how Gymkhana FOUR is going,” said Ken. “I did it in a brand new racecar that we’ve just finished building and it’s an absolute beast. Plus, the concept for this next chapter is on a completely new level. The locations we visited and action we documented are absolutely wild. Fans are going to be floored when they see the finished clip. I can say with full confidence that Gymkhana FOUR is going to be better than Gymkhana THREE. And that is saying a lot, because I thought I would never be able to outdo GYM3.”

The car Ken will use in Gymkhana FOUR will be the new Ford Fiesta RS WRC HFHV, which he released earlier this week.

– By: Omar Rana