Infiniti QX’s 400-hp engine to be fitted in luxury motor boat in one-off project

Infiniti QX56 V8 Boat Project

The giant Infiniti QX56 full-size SUV is pretty well known in the luxury market for being – well, luxurious. The 7-passenger interior is pretty well trimmed with leather, wood and other trims and features some nice technology touches for tech-savvy geeks to play with. But what’s most important in the QX56 is its powerful 5.6 liter 400-hp V8 with a towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. With strong low-end torque and peak torque of 413 lb-ft, the Infiniti QX definitely has the power to stand strong next to its competitors.

To put a little twist on the whole towing game, Infiniti has started a one-off project to take the engine out of the QX and put it in a boat that is designed with the luxury, performance and craftsmanship of its flagship SUV.

Infiniti QX56 V8 Boat Project“The genesis for the Infiniti QX-powered luxury boat project came about when a group of us were talking about our full-size SUV’s standing as the perfect luxury tow vehicle – capable of carrying tons of weight, and lots of people and their cargo, in style,” said Infiniti Americas Vice President Ben Poore. “So what better object to tow than a boat custom-outfitted to QX-inspired standards, starting with its powerful but fuel-efficient engine and continuing with semi-aniline leather on the seats, XM satellite radio system with NavWeather™ and Bose speakers, and signature Infiniti analog clock.”

The project is being undertaken by Infiniti engineers and training managers, a team of automotive technical training program students from Tennessee Technical Center-Nashville and Nashville State Community College. They have already removed the 5.6 liter V8 from the QX and will now fit it into the boat. The team will have to use components such as the starter and electronic control unit, as well as remove extraneous systems, such as the power steering pump, which aren’t needed to power a boat.

Infiniti donated the rest of the vehicle to Tennessee Tech for continued use in their automotive curriculum.

– By: Omar Rana