NHTSA investigating 4,400 Lotus Elise units for oil-cooler leak issue

2011 Lotus Elise

The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration has just announced that it will be looking into nearly 4,400 Lotus Elises between 2005-2006 as owners have complained about finding oil leaking on a tire, causing handling problems.

The document was filed on Friday after nearly 17 complaints from Elise owners who said that an oil-cooler line broke and sprayed oil either on the engine bay causing a fire, or on the wheel assemblies causing a loss of traction.

“Consumers allege the condition can create a loss of vehicle control and one complaint alleges the vehicle caught fire,” according to a statement in the document.

“The oil line released from its fitting on the front right oil cooler, wetting the tire with oil,” said an Elise owner who was a victim of this problem. “The car spun and left the road. No damage occurred.”

So if you have a Lotus Elise between 2005 and 2006 model years, it’d be best to have your car checked out.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: NYT