Rumor: Mini Traveller, Mini working on something that looks like a minivan

Mini Concept Detroit

MINI has a rumor circulating that it has plans to introduce a new model to its lineup. Destined to be part of a showcase that exemplifies what the brand is capable of, the rumored is said to be called the MINI Traveller. Taking influence from the Spacebox/Progressive ACTIVITY MINI concept from 2009, the Traveller is designed to be a crossover and is all about practicality.

“If there is one phrase to describe the brief for the MINI Traveller then it is named the ‘swiss-army-knife’ MINI variant,” said a source for the rumor.

Size wise, the Traveller is pegged to be larger than the current Countryman but small enough to be considered a MINI and a compact. Its proportions are to be designed like a minivan, but with less of the characteristics of a van and more of a MINI.

It is also said that the Traveller will feature suicide-like doors, as part of the Traveller’s “access all areas” theme while also featuring doors that allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

However, no other details have been released, as this is a rumor. Whether BMW and MINI will choose to produce it is something that will be announced as time goes by.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMWBlog