Ken Block unveils his new racer, meet the Ford Fiesta RS WRC HFHV (w/ video)

Ford Fiesta RS WRC HFHV

Not too long ago, we informed you of Ken Block’s latest Gymkhana tour, where he shows off his driving skills by thrashing a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta around a several stage rally crossed at his Gymkhana events around the world. At the Los Angeles, California show of the Gymkhana World Tour, Ken Block unveiled his latest weapon to tackle the rally courses.

As expected, it is a current WRC-Spec Ford Fiesta, but it features a new hybrid function that works in conjunction with the engine. Called the Ford Fiesta RS WRC HFHV, which stands for Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle, Ken Block’s latest car had its normal 1.6L four-banger replaced with a Pipo Moteurs-built, 2.0L four-banger that’s based on the old motor.

The AWD system in the Fiesta was designed and built by Sadev and features a 6-Speed sequential manual with three adjustable and mechanical differentials.

“The H.F.H.V. is the best of all worlds for me,” said Ken Block himself. “The current WRC Fiesta is the greatest handling car I have driven, but it lacks the sheer grunt that the 2.0L engine in the WRC Focus created. The H.F.H.V. brings those two things together, and the result is a manic beast that is just too much fun to drive.”

– By: Chris Chin