Red Bull plans on bringing its engineering to road cars

Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Top those of us still in college, I’d like to point out that Red Bull is more than just a party drink or an energy booster after a long night of partying so you can make it to class. The Formula 1 team Read Bull Racing (RBR) is very popular in the motorsport world and in its recent tie=up with Infiniti, RBR is considering taking its serious engineering to the roads.

Christian Horner, boss of RBR, told UK publication AutoCar that he wants to “use Red Bull’s expertise outside F1.” He went on to say that “Red Bull used to be known only as an energy drink company, but now it is recognised as an engineering team. It’s a natural evolution for us to get involved in road car engineering.”

We’re not sure what will result of this relationship between Infiniti and Red Bull but we recently heard that both are planning a special-edition Sebastian Vettel model. Vettel has been hired as RBR driver and as a brand ambassador.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar