Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

During a recent trip to Stuttgart, Germany to visit Mercedes-Benz, I spent two days getting acquainted with the brand’s 125 year history and what the brand has in the works for the near future.

One of the many stops I made was at the Mercedes-Benz museum where my tour guide pointed out something very interesting. When the first Mercedes-Benz vehicles were produced by Carl Benz, leather was the ‘interior’ of choice since it would hold up best against adverse weather conditions. However, if one purchased the car to be chauffeured around in and opted for a carriage, the interior of the carriage was trimmed with the finest fabrics.

Fast forward to the future and its ironic to see that leather has become the interior of choice for luxury automobiles.

Well, Mercedes-Benz is all about heritage and innovation and is always focused on carrying on its roots. With that in mind, the interior color and trim team at Mercedes-Benz’s Design Center in Singdelfingen is testing cashmere and silk fabrics for the next-generation S-Class. Of course, right away you’re probably thinking those fabrics will be very tough to maintain but Mercedes-Benz says it is working with its suppliers to overcome that obstacle.

The insiders at Mercedes-Benz’s Design Center also tell us that they are testing banana wood as a trim on the next S-Class. All woods veneers used on Mercedes-Benz vehicles are 100% real.

The next S-Class is due sometime next year as a 2013 model year.

– By: Omar Rana

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