Walgreens to offer EV charging stations at 800 stores

Walgreens electric-vehicle charging

Walgreens has just released information on its plans to install electric-vehicle charging stations. By this year’s close, the store should have stations installed at 800 of its locations.

New York will be the first to get the charging stations, which will be both built and services by NRG Energy. Stations will be made on two different levels; Level 2 chargers give up to 25 miles within an hour, and Level 3 chargers provide up to 30 miles in just 10 minutes. Fifty Level 2 and 10 Level 3 stations are set to be implemented.

Dallas-Forth Worth, Chicago, and Huston areas are some of the other areas that will be getting the stations.

“Consumer interest and enthusiasm has been incredible and we’re excited to provide locations to charge up in neighborhoods across the country,” said Walgreens President of Community Management and Operations, Mark Wagner. “As more Americans embrace environmentally sustainable technologies, our convenient locations make us uniquely positioned to help address the concern around accessibility or ‘range confidence.’ According to the Department of Energy, Walgreens will make up as much as 40 percent of all public EV charging stations across the country, making it easy for EV drivers to look to our stores for a quick charge near major highways, metropolitan areas or right in their neighborhood.”

The charging ports will become very useful due to their multitasking abilities. Shopping while charging is certainly a plus, especially if its done regularly. Level three chargers are going to be installed at mostly the same locations to provide some consistency to the consumer.

Walgreens customers wills still have to pay up, however. Pay options include subscriptions service or a pay-as-you-go plan.

– By: Alexandra Koken