Video: Fifth Gear test drives the new Honda CR-Z Mugen

Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged

The Honda CR-Z Mugen is pretty much everything that the original Honda CR-Z should have been. Power for the Honda CR-Z Mugen will come from a 1.5L i-VTEC gasoline engine that will get a supercharger, pumping output to 200-ps (197-hp) with a maximum torque of 181 lb-ft.

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Wondering how all that looks in action? Well, Fifth Gear is to show you how the CR-Z Mugen is with their review of the car.

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Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged:

Honda CR-Z Mugen Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged Honda CR-Z Mugen Honda CR-Z Mugen

Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged:

– By: Omar Rana