R&B artist Chris Brown gets heat over parking his supercars in handicapped sports

Chris Brown Bugatti Veyron

Famed R & B singer and entertainer is reported to be an inconsiderate parker.

Unlike most superstars who enjoy a supercar collection, Brown didn’t opt for the ideal situation to store and maintain his personal fleet. His neighbors aren’t giving him a free pass for fame on his disregard for parking rules, either.

Brown resides in a building in West Hollywood, California that provides off street parking via a private garage. It is reported that his cars are being parked in reserved handicapped spaces there.

A lawyer has been retained by the singer to handle the matter. In his defense the lawyer comments that when Brown originally purchased the condo that there was an agreement for additional parking spots. The landlord is getting the blame for not advising that they are the handicapped spots that he was provided. The matter will be escalated to court.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: USAToday