Next-generation Volkswagen GTI to get up to 220-hp

The Mark VI Volkswagen Golf and GTI have been with us for about three years now. So naturally, we’d expect Volkswagen AG to be hard at work to make sure the next-generation Golf and the GTI are just as successful as the last two generations. In light of this, we’ve just received news that the next generation GTI will be getting a carryover of the current 2.0L turbocharged engine, but with a twist…sort of.

The next generation GTI will get today’s version of the EA888 turbo four, but will be receiving a power upgrade from 200-hp to 220-hp for the next generation, thanks to some slight tweaks and a new valve lift system developed by Audi. But that’s not all. The next generation GTI and GTI-R will also get a new electronically controlled, mechanically locking differential.

As for the standard Golf, significant changes were made to the EA111 1.4L “twincharger” four-banger. Renamed to EA112, the new motor will drop the supercharger and turbocharger combination for just a “soft” single turbo setup. Output is estimated to peak at 150-hp.

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We’ve also received news regarding the next generation Golf’s new sibling: a Golf Carbiolet, which will also get a hot R version. It will use the same 2.0L turbocharged four-banger good for 261-hp in the Scirocco R while the GTI Cabriolet will just use the plain 207hp motor from the regular GTI.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar