Study shows ‘speeding’ is the most common cause for couple arguments in a car

Audi A5 Cabriolet

Tesco Cars, a United Kingdom online used car channel, recently conducted a survey on a subject I am positive we can all relate to: the car argument. Your passenger could be your significant other, sibling or parent, one of them is bound to turn your car into a torture chamber.

I am all too familiar with the car argument, although, I’m usually the one getting yelled at for my… bold… style of driving. As a passenger, the only complaint I feel the need to verbalize is when the driver, my life in their hands, tries to reply to a text message while the vehicle is in motion.

Yet it still comes as no surprise to me to find that the number one spark for an argument in the car is speeding. It actually accounts for 22.72% of all the causes, just ahead of getting the directions wrong at 18.01%. I can’t even believe this is on here, I thought we all loved taking the blame for missing the exit? Tailgating takes up 13 % of vehicular debates, and coming in last, but certainly not least, is the bad parking job, grabbing up 5%. Children’s quarrels apparently don’t carry over to adults too often, as they only make up 3.9% of the causes for arguments.

Now that we know what causes most of the arguments, we also know what to try to avoid with others in the car. But I have a feeling that would.

– By: Alexandra Koken