Rumor: Lamborghini planning Estoque Convertible, Sesto Elemento Convertible

Lamborghini has been hard at work since the Aventador recently replaced the Murcielago with the Gallardo-replacement Cabrera is too. So what does that naturally mean? New hot Lamborghini drop tops that will mess with g-strings more than they ever have.

Over the years, whatever supercar Lamborghini has decided to make has pretty much been made in a drop top version. So an introduction of an Aventador convertible is expected just as the Gallardo-replacing Cabrera is expected to get a drop top version when it replaces the entire Gallardo line within the next couple years. However, the Gallardo is still selling and rumor has it that Lamborghini will eventually produce a Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder. But it doesn’t just end there.

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For instance, Lamborghini still has the ultra-exclusive Sesto Elemento and because of raging bull’s reputation, we could potentially see a Sesto Elemento convertible. We postulate this theory because, well, look at the Reventon. Originally pegged to be a very-limited production car like the Sesto Elemento, its success and hype lead Lamborghini top produce 15 roadsters.

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Lastly, another rumor circulates the Italian brand that involves the new Estoque sedan. If given the green light for production by its builder, Sant’Agata, there could be potential for a crossover version or maybe even a convertible version. As to what specifics, we don’t know since it’s just a rumor.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Top Speed