Ferrari crowns World Design Contest winners from South Korea

Ferrari World Design Contest Winners

Last month, we informed you of Ferrari’s World Design Contest, where they gathered a number of world-renowned collegiate design schools around the world to compete for what could be the next Ferrari ultra-supercar a la F40/F50/Enzo etc.

A grand total of 50 schools were chosen to participate and were given special software and specific guidelines in which they’d design and construct several new models for Ferrari and Pininfarina.

The guidelines for the designs were to focus on reducing fuel consumption through alternative power sources, most particularly hybrid engines. Additionally, the designs were to be made lightweight so that driving pleasure can be optimized. The chosen winners would win prizes consisting of cash, a copy of 3D Autodesk (a car version of AutoCad), and an internship at Ferrari’s Pininfarina Design Studios.

The winners of this year’s contest were students from Seoul’s Hongik University, which I’m not exactly surprised with considering the automotive success to come from South Korea as of late. Second place was given to IED of Turin and third place to London’s Roytal College of Arts for the Cavallo Bianco.

“Nurturing the creativity of young people is a fundamental strategy in every walk of life. The Ferrari World Design Contest represents a window that we want to keep open on the world and the creative energy of the next generation,” said Ferrari’s chairman, Luca di Motezemolo. “I saw at first hand the many genuinely innovative ideas that these talented youngsters sent us and could feel the enormous passion and commitment that had gone into them. I am certain that some of these suggestions will come to light in the Ferraris of the future.”

Ferrari World Design Contest Winners:

Ferrari World Design Contest Winners Ferrari World Design Contest Winners Ferrari World Design Contest Winners Ferrari World Design Contest Winners

– By: Chris Chin