Union of Concerned Scientists: Some hybrid aren’t as ‘green’ as they seem

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

Thinking about going green with your next vehicle purchase? According to a new report released by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that “hybrid” is not necessarily synonymous with reducing emissions.

The environmental interest group’s study shows that consumers concerned with enviorment are investing more money into these vehicles and are not getting the environmental return they are paying for. Base model hybrid versions are hard to come by, so purchasing one usually means picking up all the extras as well.

To help aid consumers in making the best choice for their wallets and the enviorment, the Union of Concerned Scientists have complied a list rating top selling hybrids on a scale ranging form “superior” to “very poor”.

The following are a few on the latter side of the ratings:

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid
BMW X6 Activehybrid
Chevrolet Silverado 2WD hybrid
BMW 750i ActiveHybrid

Some of those with “superior” ratings are:

Lexus CT 200h
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Mercedes-Benz S500 Hybrid
Toyota Prius
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda CR-Z

More information can be found at http://www.hybridcenter.org/hybrid-scorecard/.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoWeek