Scion FR-S, Toyota FT-86 are designed to be a ‘basic and pure’ sports cars

Scion FR-S - Toyota FT-86

Need anymore proof that the new upcoming Toyota FT-86 and the Scion FR-S will be true sports cars? There has been some nice tidbit of information provided by a forum member of Club4AG. Known as Moto-P, the member apparently had a nice dinner with FT-86’s chief project engineer, Tetsuya Tada, where he gathered plenty of information on the upcoming sports coupe.

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Tada told Moto-P that the Toyota FT-86, Scion FR-S was designed with a roll cage in mind. Not only that the model will get EJ20 Subaru engine with a flat-four layout. It has also been re-cast, right down to a whole new block design, and the Toyota-Subaru engine has been fine-tuned by Yamaha.

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Moto-P was also told that the car has been designed to be a ‘basic and pure’ sports car, to the extent that it may come without navigation or a CD player. Tada said that its pointless to offer such technologies in a car since we will all be in a tech-savvy world with smartphones come 2012. With that in mind, Tada doesn’t see the need fir such heavyweight optional extras.

Scion FR-S Concept:

Scion FR-S Concept Scion FR-S Concept Scion FR-S Concept Scion FR-S Concept

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Club4AG (via PistonHeads)