Video: Silver Arrows at Mercedes-Benz World… and you thought The Stig was cool

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Team

If you’re a Top Gear fan, you’re probably really fond of The Stig – you know, the white helmet race car driver that sets lap times around the Top Gear track and usually ends up revealing his identity, which is often attempted to be one of the biggest secrets in the United Kingdom.

Well, if The Stig ever needed to get some private training from his fellow helmet wearing species, he can just head to Mercedes-Benz World where the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows team will show him a thing or two.

Benz has just released the video showing the Silver Arrows team as they take the track again pushing Mercedes cars to the limit.

Check out the Silver Arrows precision stunt driving, blistering pace and mind-boggling skill as they tear the track up, pushing Mercedes AMG’s to the absolute limit.

– By: Omar Rana