GHSA study finds drivers on the phone 7% of the time

Cell Phone DrivingIt should be no surprise as to how bad American drivers can be. Waking up before the sun even shows itself to commute to work and in the process, engulfing a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich while sipping on a coffee and talking on the phone for a conference call can all be very dangerous, which is why the Governor’s Highway Safety Association released the first ever study that summarizes the distracted driving research for all 50 states.

The study defines what distracted driving is, the frequency of its occurrence and how much these distractions can affect a driver’s performance and risk for an accident. The study will then be used to help develop effective ways to combat distracted driving.

“Despite all that has been written about driver distraction, there is still a lot that we do not know,” announced GHSA’s Executive Director Barbara Harsha, who led the study. “Much of the research is incomplete or contradictory. Clearly, more studies need to be done addressing both the scope of the problem and how to effectively address it.”

The study has also helped programs such as texting and hand-held cell phone enforcement while driving work effectively.

“Our report includes the preliminary results of these cell phone crackdowns, which have prompted dramatic declines in hand-held cell phone use and texting behind the wheel,” continued Harsha. “The final results are expected shortly and should be considered as states move forward with education and enforcement initiatives.”

– By: Chris Chin