G-Power BMW M3 SK II

G-Power hits some impressive numbers with its M3 SKII tuner with “Sporty Drive”. With all the work put into the car, the G-Power team decided to take it’s BMW to the track at Italy’s 2011 Nardo High-Speed Test Event

Christain Stober, G-Powers’ Vice President and Technical Director, drove the car around the track, and pushed it all the way up to 207.10-mph. The car’s supercharger gave it the boost it needed to make it so quick only a 900-hp and a 1000-hp car could beat its top time. It is also what helps it go from 0-62 in 4.4 seconds, and reaches speeds of 124-mph in just under 13 seconds.

Also keeping the car quick is a GM3 RS coilover suspension, upgraded breaks, and upgraded tires.

Check out the video after the jump.

G-Power BMW M3 SK II:

G-Power BMW M3 SK II G-Power BMW M3 SK II G-Power BMW M3 SK II G-Power BMW M3 SK II

– By: Alexandra Koken

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