CNBC to air ‘BMW: A Driving Obsession’ on July 13 (w/ Videos)

BMW: A Driving Obsession

If you are BMW lovers, then this bit of news will excite you. Even if you are new to the world-renown German brand, here’s your chance to learn about what made die Bayerische Motoren Werks such a big icon. So get ready to set your DVRs.

This Wednesday, July 13th at 9PM ET/PT, CNBC will be playing a one-hour documentary giving viewers a chance to get an inside look of Bavaria’s Motor Works.

It will be hosed by award-winning correspondent, Carl Quintallia, who will give a run down of BMW’s history, what they’ve accomplished throughout their life and what they’re up to these days. But that’s not all. Mr. Quintallia will also discuss the controversies plaguing the German make since 2002 at the introduction of the radical E65/E66 7-Series. CNBC also travels to the village of Goodwood, England, home to the most precious gem in BMW’s crown, Rolls Royce. Viewers will see the meticulous assembly of one of the world’s finest automobiles—all by hand.

So grab your popcorn/wine/burger/filet mignon/beer/cocktail…or whatever you choose and tune to CNBC to watch “BMW: A Driving Obsession.”

Hit the jump to see a couple of teasers from the CNBC segment.

– By: Chris Chin