6% of AmEx Black Card holders own a Hyundai, tied with Bentley and Audi

2011 Hyundai Equus

Here is some surprising information for those of you that think that Hyundai is still that same old cheap Korean brand. According to Hyundai U.S. Chief John Krafcik, about 6% of American Express Centurion Card Holders – you know, those that are astonishingly rich enough to get the ‘Black Card’ with an unlimited credit line – own a Hyundai model.

That’s the same percentage of Black Card holders that own a Bentley and Audi. 22 percent of Black Card holders own a BMW, 21 percent own a Mercedes, 15 percent own a Porsche, 11 percent own a Lexus, 8 percent own a Ferrari and 7 percent own a Acura.

“I know you all can’t believe this,” Krafcik said at a presentation in Ann Arbor today. He also admitted to not ever being offered a Centurion Card invitation.

The average AmEx Black Card holder has $16.3 million in assets and an annual household income of $1.3 million.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: WSJ