Toyota Prius sales to top 2010 level, company working to grow supply

Toyota Prius

Toyota says that even with one day’s worth of Prius hybrids on dealer lots after the March 11 earthquake in Japan, sales of the model will still top 2010. Nonetheless, Toyota is racing to replenish inventory as lack of supply caused a 61 percent drop in Prius deliveries in June 2011. That is the lowest level for the Prius since September 2004.

In the United States, the Toyota Prius accounts for more than 60 percent of hybrids sold since 1999. Almost half of the Prius units sold worldwide are sold in the United States.

The Toyota Prius, which is the company’s no. 3 selling car following the Corolla and Camry, is the fastest growing nameplate this year.

Before the March 11 earthquake in Japan, Toyota targeted Prius 2011 sales to top the model’s 2007 peak of an outstanding 181,221 units.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News