New Spyker owner buys Zagato design firm

The famous Italian design firm, Zagato, was suffering from some financial woes. But in order to keep the historic and world-renowned designer afloat, Coventry Prototype Panels bought decided to scoop them up.

Vladimir Antonov, who also recently bought Spyker Cars in February, also owns CPP, which is an automobile component manufacturer. And if some of you folks remember tuning firm Bowler Off Road, famous for their Land Rover-based rally off-roaders, Mr. Antonov also holds the rights to them as well.

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CPP has a history of working with famous names like Aston Martin, who also has a history with Zagato.

Antonov, an entrepreneur and a bank owner, has been a name circling the auto industry for a while as he was a potential buyer for Saab when General Motors got rid of them as part of their restructuring. Antonov still remains interested in Saab as he recently acquired a large amount of real estate from the Swedish make.

Altogether, the companies that Antonov currently owns can make for some interesting recipes. Just look at the ingrediants: Spyker Cars, Zagato Design, Bowler Off-Road, and a potential for Saab to be in the mix (unlikely but still possible). It would be entertaining the see what they come up with.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarsUK