Bentley sales up 20% in first half of 2011

2011 Bentley Mulsanne

While many of us may be cautiously approaching purchases, and avoiding big ticket items, some have managed to maintain their ability to indulge. Bentley, the luxury British automaker, recently announced that in closing of 2011’s first half its sales have increased by 20% worldwide. As with many other brands, 2008 was the last time numbers saw those heights.

The 2,978 units sold have had various destinations. European sales are up by 25%, with 494 cars sold there. China picked up a good portion, with 680 Bentley’s sold there, up 57% from just last year. Still, neither could top the U.S. in sales. Although we have the smallest increase, at 23%, 907 Americans drove home a new Bentley so far this year.

Sales have only declined in Japan, due to the recent crisis there, and the Middle East, which is amidst political uproar.

– By: Alexandra Koken