Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee is an off-roading beast

Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee

American tuning firm Venchurs just unveiled its latest efforts. Venchurs, well known for its Xplore version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser that debuted at last years SEMA show also showed off their Xplore version of the Jeep Wrangler. Now they’re unveiling their crack at decking out the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a complete and bespoke matte clear titanium grey finish while its interior gets charcoal colored leather by Katzkin.

As for the internals, the Xplore Grand Cherokee also features a beefed up suspension package as well as additional parts from Mopar, BF Goodrich, and Method Racing.

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Pricing, additional options and delivery dates have yet to be released but the Xplore will be available through select Jeep dealers around of the US of A. With the Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee, the owner also gets a free on-year Annual Pass to all National Parks and other Federal lands, a one-year membership in the XPLORE CLUP, and a subscription to their magazine. Upon purchase, Venchurs will also donate to the National Park Foundation for every Xplore Grand Cherokee bought. So there you have it, you can destroy and save the Earth at the same time.

Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee Venchurs Xplore Jeep Grand Cherokee

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee:

– By: Chris Chin