Gordon Murray Design T27 unveiled, sales start in 2013

Gordon Murray Design T27

Hey guys guess what? More green news! But, although we’ve been doing a decent job providing you with the latest green news that’s relatively relevant—at least I think we are—well, this bit of news isn’t exactly as exciting as it is interesting…just.

But anyway, Sir Gordon Murray of Britainland has unveiled what he claims to be the world’s most efficient electric car. Currently in the form of a concept that’s fully functioning and road-worthy, the T27 features a 33hp electric motor and a single-speed transaxle made by Zytec, a small British race electronics and green technology company that has also worked with Smart.

And with the T27 just weighing in at 700kg or 1,500lbs, it can go from 0-60 in under 15 seconds with a limited top speed of 65. Charging only takes 4.5 hours for an 80% charge. Total driving range comes in at100 miles on NEDC, 130 miles on ECE15

For a city car, all of this makes sense. But when was the last time a city car turned your insides? From what I remember, Smart cars and UK’s Gee-Wiz weren’t exactly the most appealing forms of transportation. In fact, I would rather be dragged to my destination behind one than be seen in it. But of course, to each their own.

Murray’s T27 will go on sale by 2013.

Gordon Murray Design T27:

Gordon Murray Design T27 Gordon Murray Design T27 Gordon Murray Design T27 Gordon Murray Design T27

– By: Chris Chin