91 foot high Jaguar E-Type sculpture unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture at Goodwood

At the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jaguar is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type with a 91 foot, 150 ton, E-Type statue made out of steel tubes. 150 tons huh? Yes, that means it weighs the same as 122 Series 1 E-types.

The sculpture took 10 days to install by a firm specialising in bridge building.

“Echoing the curved fuselage of the car itself, the sculpture has been created using half a kilometer of painted steel tubes 1,200mm in diameter,” Jaguar said in a statement. “Originally intended for use in gas pipelines, these are constructed from 12mm thick steel and machined to very high tolerances. Much of the metal was donated by Tata Steel, a subsidiary of Jaguar’s parent company.”

“Jaguar has always been proud of its heritage and we feel particularly honoured to have been asked to provide the Goodwood sculpture for a second time,” Geoff Cousins, Managing Director, Jaguar UK said. “The E-type captures the essential beauty, drama and passion of every Jaguar – engineering and design DNA that is equally apparent in the current range.”

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture at Goodwood:

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture at Goodwood Jaguar E-Type Sculpture at Goodwood

– By: Omar Rana