Video: Lady shows you don’t need a Marauder to drive off with tow truck

Lady shows you don't need a Marauder to drive off with tow truck

If you happened to catch the debut of Top Gear UK Season 17, than you probably enjoyed the segment where Richard Hammond test drives the Marauder, which is designed and built by the Paramount Group. Hammond took the Marauder and put it through a bunch of ‘interesting’ tests in the urban jungles of Johannesburg, South Africa.

During one of the tests, Hammond parks the Marauder illegally and almost gets the Marauder towed. While being towed, Hammond hops in Marauder and starts towing the tow truck itself.

Well, a lady in Shanghai demonstrates that you don’t even need a Marauder to tow a tow truck. All new need is a Chevrolet Captiva.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: TopGear