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Ford’s new MyFord Touch infotainment, connectivity system isn’t perfect and the company isn’t afraid to admit it. Consumer Reports has gone as far not to recommend some Ford vehicles with the MyFord Touch system and recently, it was reported the Dearborn automaker is missing quality targets due to the glitches in the system.

Recently, FoMoCo fell from 5th in the industry to 23rd in the 2011 J.D. Power and Associates’ annual Initial Quality Study. While it wasn’t specified what the reason was for the drop, it was reported that “problems with new technology” hurt the company.

Nonetheless, Ford says that 85% of people who own vehicles with MyFord Touch find it easy to use, while 80% of users would recommend the system to someone considering the car.

So while others, like us, see issues with the MyFord Touch system, that’s “not what we see from our data,” Ford spokesman Alan Hall said. Either way, Ford acknowledges there’s room for improvement. “We’re not saying it’s perfect,” Hall said.

To address issues, Ford has updated the software in the MyFord Touch system and is also setting up appointments with owners to go over all the system’s features.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: KickingTires

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  • Its the 15% of the 70+ year olds that still never heard of an iPad let alone try to control something without huge dials…lol.