Report: Jeep CEO ‘patiently’ waiting for pickup model

Jeep Gladiator Concept

Jeep fans are patiently anticipating the arrival of a Jeep pickup. It does appear that they will have to continue to wait, due to some cautious spending on Chryslers’ part.

Mike Manley, CEO for Jeep, says of the concept “[The pickup] continues to progress because of the interest in the vehicle…One of the things as a company that we’ve had to be very disciplined in is where we’re putting our resources. We’re still in recovery mode and have to be very careful with our investments. We have so much going on. Our resources are fully dedicated to small vehicles, [new transmissions] and working with Fiat. There are none left to work on the Jeep pickup [at this time].”

The CEO continues to speculate that if and when a Jeep pick up is released, it is likely to be available to more than just the U.S. market. He sees potential in Europe and Southeast Asia, in a metric ton model.

Manley also adds “If you took a Wrangler-based pickup, it would almost still remain as a unique vehicle in international markets,”.

Regardless of the potential of the concept, Mike Manley still believes now is not the time, but insists the issue remains in the forefront for him.

– By: Alexandra Koken