Volkswagen Touareg TDI goes on 16,000 Mile Pan-American highway

Volkswagen Touareg TDI

The 2011 Volkswagen Touraeg TDI diesel is taking on quite a challenge next week as Rainer Zietlow and two teammates take it on a trip down the Pan-American Highway. In celebration of the road’s 75th anniversary, the team will take the Touraeg from one end to the other on June 29th. Starting in Ushuaia, Argentina they will be traveling the 16,00 miles north, through a total of 14 countries, and reaching some impressive heights along the way.

The team testing the durability and capabilities of the Touraeg consists of Zietlow, Juan Carlos Fernandez, who will be a co-driver, technician, and translator, and Marius Beila, who will also co-drive, and be the cameraman and photographer. To help handle the trip safely, the TDI Touraeg has been equipped with an improved set of tires, an auxiliary gas tank that holds 300 liters, and satellite mapping and communication.

Rainer Zietlow comments on the trip, saying “We want to celebrate the important role the Pan-American Highway has played in bringing commerce and unity to countries along the route, while demonstrating the power and durability of a clean diesel vehicle. The 75th anniversary of the Pan-American Highway provides us with a great opportunity to do both… While we’ve completed a number of long-distance drive, teh TDI-Panamericana Endurance Challenge will be one of our most meaningful and exciting challenges to-date.”

Those who would like to follow along can do so via a website that was created exclusively for the journey, with interactive features, videos and photo galleries. An added benefit is that they will be raising awareness and money for the charity Plan International.

– By: Alexandra Koken