Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged details and images released

Supercharged Honda CR-Z Mugen

We here at egmCarTech love the new Honda CR-Z. Though we were a bit surprised by the lack of any decently measureable amount of performance. Sure, we weren’t expecting an all out tire-roasting hatchback as it is built to also be kind to the environment. But we thought it could use some extra power since we think the CR-Z would make a better case for itself as the CR-Z does provide some fun. And boy, did Honda listen.

Honda’s trademark tuning firm Mugen was under close watch as they unveiled their version of the CR-Z hatcback not too long ago. And just recently, they unveiled everything you need to know about Honda’s hottest hybrid yet, which almost sounds counterintuitive.

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Awaiting a full reveal at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, Honda and Mugen decided to release the full specification sheets to the Mugen CR-Z at a special press conference.

“We wanted a car that has genuine performance available at the touch of a button, but can perform just like a standard CR-Z and offer good fuel economy when the driver wishes,” said Mugen of Europe’s correspondent, Colin Wittamore. “For that reason, we’ve kept the three driving modes, so the driver can select “eco” or “normal” to switch to economy and low emissions for daily driving, but press the Mugen button for the full-blown weekend-warrior settings.”

With hopes to offer a Civic Type-R-like performance and feel in conjunction with the preexisting eco-friendly demeanor of the normal CR-Z, the Mugen CR-Z will keep the standard CR-Z’s 1.5L four-banger with Honda’s IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). It was also reworked with upgraded and strengthened internal components. On top of that, Mugen equipped their CR-Z with the iCF system, or Integrated Centrifugal Forced-Induction, which was designed specifically for the CR-Z. I think that’s their way of saying that this baby is turbo- or supercharged.

The result is a 50% increase in power and torque, rated at 200-hp and a peak torque of roughly 159 lb-ft of torques. As for some performance figures, a 0-60 time of 6.6 seconds nearly matches that of a Civic Type-R, thanks to some weight reduction as well. Thanks to these upgrades, the Mugen CR-Z can also achieve an average fuel consumption rating of about 42mpg in “Eco” mode and about 29.4 mpg in “Mugen” mode.

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The Mugen CR-Z also features a widened track in both the front and rear and is equipped with a five-way adjustable shocks and a limited slip differential. Stoppers are Mugen’s own four-piston calipers with discs all around. The body receives a more aggressive kit with a carbon fiber hood and 17in forged alloys, courtesy of Mugen’s own supply.

On the inside, Recaro seats will be you support with a reworked interior to let you know that you’re by no means in a normal CR-Z. Some of those changes include the addition of water and oil temperature, and oil pressure gauges, a unique gear shifter and some carbon fibre appointments.

Stay tuned as we provide coverage for the hottest Honda hybrid yet as it gets fully unveiled next month.

Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged:

Honda CR-Z Mugen Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged Honda CR-Z Mugen Honda CR-Z Mugen

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Honda (via CarScoop)