Fisker Automotive kicks-off on hiring spree

Fisker Automotive has re-commissioned its Wilmington, Delaware plant, and with the new Fisker Karma sedan hitting the pavement soon, they are going to need more hands to keep everything on schedule.

Bernhard Koehler, Fisker Automotive Chief Operating Officer notes that “This is an exciting time for Fisker. As we bring the Fisker Karma sedan to market and start delivering to customers, we are simultaneously starting to employ a world-class American workforce to build world-class American electric vehicles with extended range (EVer) in a re-commissioned American plant.”

This year alone, the brand will hire around 120 employees, starting with electro-mechanical technicians, engineering staff, and some production workers as well. By early 2012 another 80 production professionals will be added to the staff.

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Fisker not only expanded employment in Delaware, but also in their headquarters in Anaheim, California, which just quadrupled its staff in one year, and is still continuing to hire.

Not only is Fisker creating jobs, but the brand took care, during reconstruction, to recycle over 11.2 million pounds of iron, steel, aluminum and wood. This generated a significant amount of revenue, and Fisker opted to use the funds to purchase more materials, and reuse others.

The production event, dubbed Project Nina, should lead to vehicles being ready for sales as of 2013.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoWeek