Videos: Women defend their BMW M5 Vancouver rioters

Women defend their BMW M5 Vancouver rioters

WARNING: the following story and video may be a bit disturbing for us enthusiasts. No, there’s no blood, gore or anything of that nature, at least involving living animals. The victim however, is an E60 BMW M5.

In the wake of the huge riots that occurred when Canada’s hockey team the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins during the Stanley Cub, several people were injured while shops were loitered and property was destroyed. And what we have here is a poor E60 BMW M5 getting destroyed by idiots of immeasurable caliber while three women fought hopelessly to protect one of Munich’s finest. It’s worse than Billy Idol chain sawing the top of his Lamborghini off.

If you’re not up to seeing the carnage, then I suggest you don’t watch. You have been warned.

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– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarScoop