Ford Ranger pickup to end production in Dec. 2011

2011 Ford Ranger

According to a June-August newsletter from the United Auto Workers 879, the Ford Ranger pickup will end production on Dec. 22, 2011. The UAW 879 covers factory workers at FoMoCo’s Twin Cities assembly plant where the Ranger is produced.

“We are scheduled to run until December 22, 2011. The Leadership of Twin Cities Assembly Plant and its members thanked the UAW and Plant leaderships’ for their support during these difficult times for our plant,” said the newsletter.

Production of the 1983 Ford Ranger started in Jan. 1982 – which replaced the Ford Courier. Since then, more than 7 million Rangers have been built during its lifetime.

Ford has yet to announce a replacement for the U.S. market Ranger, but we’re hoping they’re keeping the Euro version in mind.

– By: Omar Rana