Land Rover considering larger Range Rover Evoque model

Land Rover has officially come around to finalizing its latest entry-level model, the Evoque within these last couple years after the idea was pitched to the public back in 2010. And with the new Evoque hitting showrooms very soon, rumor has it that the British make is already planning on expanding the Range Rover line-up with an enlarged Evoque.

This idea consists of an Evoque model that will possibly be called the “Grand Evoque” which will sit in between the Range Rover Sport and the current Range Rover Evoque. The current model has a price of about £45,000 while the Sport just starts off at £55,000.

There are several key hints as to why Land Rover is planning this “XL” Evoque. Land Rover wants to release an SUV to cater to the demand of family-size “coupe SUVs,” or what we call crossovers, that will be more practical than the BMW X6. Additionally, with the Chinese auto market skyrocketing, Chinese car buyers are also starting to increase their interest in SUVs as sales skyrocketed in cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

The “Grand Evoque” will be based off of Land Rover’s latest LR-MS platform, which is essentially a reworked version of Ford’s old EuCD platform that was the backbone of the not-so-great Freelander. The latest platform can be modified to handle an extra 300mm in length and 100mm in height to help increase interior room and functionality. Additionally, LR-MS platform is currently being favored because the new aluminum JLR platform, which underpins the latest full-size Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the Jaguar XJ is though to be too big and too expensive to be used for the experimental vehicle that the Evoque is.

Power and drivetrain wise we can expect to see optional front-wheel drive and the use of LR’s latest 2.2L diesel and 2.0L gas engines.

Depending on the success of the current Evoque and the decision to produce the “Grand Evoque” will also give Jaguar the opportunity to produce their own SUV.

2012 Range Rover Evoque:

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar