Volvo working on safety feature to avoid collision with wild animals

Volvo working on safety feature on collision with wild animals

Volvo is looking to make yet another safety-promoting technological advancement. So far, its cars can automatically avoid rear-end and human collisions. The next step is to prevent accidents with wildlife, by creating a system similar to the human avoidance one. The focus will be on nighttime functioning, and on bigger animals that frequently cause accidents like deer and moose.

The tricky part here is gathering data to program into the system. To do this, the Volvo engineers have had to come up with some interesting methods. So far, they have lined roadways with food that they then drove along to capture film displaying the animals’ behavior.

“The system consists of two parts – a radar sensor and an infra-red camera that can register the traffic situation,” relates Andreas Eidehall, technical expert in the field of active safety systems at Volvo Car Corporation.

With the system requiring such extensive efforts for the engineers, Volvo is expecting to have the system completed in the next few years. It sounds like it will be worth the wait; Volvo is expecting it to cut out over 40,000 animal-related incidents a year.

“In an impact with a moose there is a relatively high risk of personal injury since it is common for the animal to end up on or roll across the front of the car and its windscreen,” says Andreas Eidehall.

Guess the brand is still all about being safe.

– By: Alexandra Koken