The Ring Taxi reborn as the E90 BMW M3 Sedan, without Sabine Schmidt

BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is the holy grail to nearly every enthusiast out there. Who likes driving and doesn’t want to take a car around the ‘Ring for a hot lap? Even if you couldn’t stomach doing a lap, the Nurburgring still offers the “Ring-Taxi,” which consists of Sabine Schmidt piloting an E60 M5 around the Nordscleife while you ride shotgun. Things are up for change though and unfortunately, Sabine will no longer be driving either.

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First up for change is the retirement of the “Ring-Taxi’s” white E60 BMW M5. Since production for Bimmer’s legendary sports luxury mid-size ended a while ago, the machinery given the responsibility to tackle the world’s most difficult road circuit was due for update. In its place will be a brand spankin’ new E90 M3 sedan in bright white and donning logos for BMW’s Driving Experience racing school.

As for the less exciting news Sabine Schmidt, after lapping the Nordschliefe more than 20,000 times for over a decade and earning titles such as “Queen of the ‘Ring” and “World’s Fastest Taxi Driver,” will also be replaced by instructors from the BMW Driving Experience school.

BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi:

BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi

– By: Chris Chin

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