MIT students figure out way to refuel electric-cars with liquid fuel

Nissan LEAF Charger

MIT may have made an advancement that can raise the bar on electric car standards. Experimenting students are responsible for what they call “Cambridge Crude”, which is a rechargeable liquid fuel, and a battery that runs off of it.

The battery uses a liquid electrolyte containing charged particles in two containers, one that stores energy, and one that discharges it. Any similar technology that already exists cannot come close to usage and cost efficiency of what the MIT students have created. It will cut out all of the previous limitations presented by current technology, like the lithium ion battery.

The liquid used presents the possibility of recharging eclectic cars in a similar manner to how we refuel conventionally fueled vehicles, or at least with similar ease.

Professor Yet-Ming Chiang comments that their initial intention was “to reinvent the rechargeable battery” and has an ambitious goal of producing a completely operational prototype in the next year and a half.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Atlantic Wire