Volvo C30 Electric enters production, 250 to be made by end of 2012

Volvo C30 Electric Drive

Volvo announced today that the C30 Electric has finally left the product development stage and is now being produced. Deliveries to leasing customers, companies and government agencies will start later this summer.

“The Volvo C30 Electric will be manufactured and delivered to leasing customers throughout Europe, including in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway,” Volvo said in a statement. “Tests on a fleet of about 50 cars have been conducted since autumn 2010, mainly internally at the Volvo Car Corporation. A Volvo C30 Electric was also part of the “One Tonne Life” project in which a family was given the task of living as climate-smart as possible for a period of six months. About 250 cars will be built by end 2012, possibly more if market interest takes off.”

Power for the Volvo C30 Electric Drive comes from a 82kW (111-hp) electric-motor. 0 to 62 mph comes in 10.5 seconds with a total range of 93 miles on a full 7 hour charge.

Volvo C30 Electric Drive:

Volvo C30 Electric Drive Volvo C30 Electric Drive Volvo C30 Electric Drive Volvo C30 Electric Drive

– By: Omar Rana