Saab 9-5 Production

Saab, which is working hard to recover from a production shutdown through most of April and May, hit another stop yesterday. The reason for the halt in production came again due to supply disruption. The latest issue is expected to be resolved today, Saab siad.

“We will start tomorrow again,” Saab spokesman Eric Geers.

“It’s possible that not the full capacity is used to make cars,” said Spyker CEO Victor Muller who didn’t seem too aware of the problem. “Many suppliers did not make parts during the shutdown, some for almost two months. If you run out of parts, it can impact production.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoWeek

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  • Aaron Gilbert

    Saab still makes cars?

  • JoseTr

    cant be hittin speed bumps like thisĀ 

  • Anonymous

    man these guys always making headlines for the wrong reasons