Porsche-driving lawyer pays up for keying cars parked improperly

I Park Like An Idiot

A private parking garage was receiving repeated reports from patrons that their cars were being keyed. Susan Wassell was one of the victims of the keying who also found a note calling her an idiot and telling her to take parking lessons. All of the people who had their vehicles vandalized were parked outside the lines.

Security guards set up a sting operation where they parked a car incorrectly on purpose in order to attract whomever was damaging the vechicles. They ended up catching Ronald Clarke Mattson, a 63-year-old respected Seattle Lawyer who drives a Porsche himself.

Mattson paid out over $6,000 in damages for the crimes. He states that he “takes full responsibility” for what he did and adds that he “received treatment to address the cause of this aberrant behavior.”

Oh, how we love rich and entertaining folks.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: USAToday