GM CEO: Cadillac’s could be produced outside the U.S.


Speaking to reporters today before GM’s first annual shareholders meeting since its IPO last fall, GM CEO Dan Akerson said that the company plans on building Cadillac vehicles outside the United States by the end of 2012 as a part of making the luxury brand a true global nameplate.

Akerson said that overseas Cadillac production would drop the risk of foreign-currency fluctuations and will allow GM to better manage its supply chain.

While Cadillac is currently sold in other markets, it is only produced in North America.

“We’re going to try to define a slightly different brand and product strategy by having a global premium brand, Cadillac, and a global value brand, Chevrolet,” Akerson said.

Think of Cadillac as GM’s Lexus and Chevrolet as it’s Toyota.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoWeek