Fisker raises funding before Karma’s arrival in July

Electric car fans have been eager to see the launch of Fisker’s latest, the Karma full-electric full-size luxury sports sedan. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but the Fisker Karma has been delayed again.

Last year, a Fisker dealer in Los Angeles announced that deliveries to paying customers would begin sometime around March or April this year. However, as you could’ve guessed, this didn’t happen.

Director of Global Communications for Fisker Automotive, Roger Ormisher, spoke to the press saying that the latest launch date for the first deliveries has been delayed until the third quarter of this year, more specifically July.

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Separately, Fisker Automotive said that it has raised $600 million in venture-capital funding so far.

“We have approximately $250 million in cash in the bank. We’re in a very solid financial position, and want to continue to maintain that and frankly fortify it,” DaMour said. “I can’t discuss future funding activities. What I can tell you is we plan to stay out ahead of the curve, from a funding standpoint.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automotive news